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C'est avec un grand plaisir que les promoteurs de la NCW annoncent les résultats de la dernière édition du PWI 500, de la prestigieuse revue américaine Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Elle présente une fois de plus les 500 meilleurs lutteurs de la planète. Les meilleurs du Japon, des États- Unis, du Mexique, de l'Europe et du Canada se retrouvent sur cette liste. La NCW classe cette année, 6 lutteurs et en est à sa 10eime présence dans ce prestigieux classement. Parmi les groupes indépendants du Québec seulement les lutteurs de la NCW ont réussi à obtenir une place parmi l'élite de leur profession. Félicitations aux lutteurs de chez nous et nous invitons les amateurs de lutte de la province à venir voir pourquoi les éditeurs de Pro Wrestling Illustrated classent les lutteurs de la NCW parmi les meilleurs.


367. Dru Onyx


382. Dru Onyx

437. Pat Guénette

460. Handsome JF


360. Dru Onyx


349. Dru Onyx


122. Kevin Steen

322. Don Paysan

388. Alex "Dieu" Silva

411. Mathieu St-Jacques

419. Pat Guénette

478. Pee Wee


356. Franky The Mobster

362. Dan Paysan

408. Alex Price


440. Dan Paysan


346. Jake Matthews

384. Dan Paysan

397. Franky the Mobster

416. Bishop

437. Chakal

441. Tank


472. Don Paysan (5' 10", 189, 3, NL)
Italian by way of Canada, this independent wrestler has seen action all over North America... Forms the tag team of Reality Check with Alex Price... Former valet D-Vyne has been the source of numereous problems for Paysan, hiring wrestlers from Montreal's some promotion to take him out... Participated in CHIKARA's Young Lions Cup IV, he eliminated Player Uno before falling to Equinox in the second round.


450. Franky The Mobster(6'2", 195, 8, NL)
The Man with the imposing name had a big comeback year, expanding his home base of Northern Championship Wrestling and competing in the International Wrestling Syndicate... Beat Pierre-Carl-Ouellet in a six-way mayhem bout to win an Heavyweight title... Also feuded with Sinn and the up-and=coming Kevin Steen... Then it was on CZW, where he beat B-Boy for the Ironman Championship.... Has also appeared in Jersey All Pro and Toronto's Squared Circle... Known for his credibility statement finishing move.

474. Nova Cain(6'2", 303, 6, NL)
Returned tot he ring last September after missing eight months of action after surgery... Home promotion is Northern Championship Wrestling in Montreal... Got his revenge of Binovich Fouranov, the man who injured him, and put the Russian out of action for two months with sickening piledriver... Has also been pinned twice since makin his return and remained undefeated in singles matches for more than seven months.. Last ranked in the "PWI 500" in 2003... Relies on the Nova Driver and his TKO to end matches.


437. Nova Cain(6'2", 265, 4, 414)
Former Under Construction with student Jagged... They went of a five-month undefeated streak before defeating Ground Zero for the Northern Championship Wrestling tag team title... Beat Julie the Red Fox for the NCW Women's belt... Under Construction lost the straps, ending their streak at eight months... Also dropped the women's championship back to Julie the Red Fox... Jagged joined fellow student, Shane Matthews, in turning against their teacher... Nova teamed with his cousin Blaze to defeat them... Based in Quebec, but did venture in the U.S. to wrestle for Vermont's Slam Wrestling.

473. Chakal(5'10", 220, 6, 421)
Regained the Quebec Championship in Northern Championship Wrestling... His long-time partner Chase Ironside turned against him... Soon put Ironside on the disabled list with a severe concussion... Failed to beat Manuel Vegas to reclaim the belt... Wrestled as Mad David as part of the GAEA Boyz during a tour in Japan... Also known as Jackal... Defeated Ironisde at ChallengeMania XI...Maturing into a locker room leader in NCW.

482. Franky The Mobster(6'2", 208, 6, 441)
Returned to Northern Championship Wrestling at the demand of Chakal, who defeated Franky in a Loser-Leaves-Town match in the summer of 2002... Challanged by Arsenal upon his return... Defeated Arsenal to determine "the best pure wrestler in the province of Quebec" at Crime Scene 2003... Lost to Quebec Champion Manuel Vegas at ChallengeMania XI... Captured the CCW title... Also competes in MWF and FCL.

495. Flat Face Jeremy(5,10", 252, 3, NL)
Based in Quebec's Northern Championship Wrestling... Held the NCW TV title for eight months... Lost the belt to Kazuko Yeroshima... Returned to the promotion with his girlfriend, Julie le Red Fox, to form the intergender team of Double Trouble... Trained by one-time corrrespondent Bertrand Hébert.... A rival of Nova Cain... Now an ally of Shane Matthews & Jagged... Still a top contender to Yiroshima's TV Championship.


391. Piranah (6' 3", 256, 5, 380)
Hasn't been a major factor in the Northern Championship Wrestling title picture since Cobra screwed him out of the Quebec title... Also wrestled for the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation in Toronto... May challenges his best friend, Jackal, for the Quebec belt... Lost to Iceman in his retirement match at ChallengeMania 10, just as he had done against Golem at ChallengeMania 8.

414. Nova Cain (6'2", 265, 3, 454)
Doctors asked Cain to stop wrestling after he severly injured his right eye in August 2001... Returned anyway and teamed with his cousin, Blaze, to win the Northern Championship Wrestling tag team title... Turned against Blaze after they lost the belts... Took Farmer Joe under his wing, turned against him, and sent him into retirement... Teaming with Jagged, a referee-turned-wrestler, and they remain undefeated after five months.. Also competes in the Montreal Wrestling Federation, Canadian Championship Wrestling, and Lutte Lanaudière.

421. Chakal (5' 11", 211, 5, NL)
Best Franky the Mobster for the NCW Quebec title at ChallengeMania 10... Also won a tournament to become the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation Champion in Toronto... Also beat NCW's Iceman before his retirement... Iceman has since passed the torch to Jackal... Must brace for the challenges presented by several invading indy groups into NCW.

441. Franky The Mobster (6'1", 206, 6, NL)
Lost the NCW Quebec title to Jackal at ChallengeMania 10... Has forged an alliance with NCW President Ben the King to protect his belt... Held the CCW strap in Quebec City... Also wrestled for the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation in Toronto... Wants a rematch with Quebec Champ Jackal.


327. Iceman (6', 215, 7, 304)
Became a fan favorite by leaving his brother, Northern Championship Wrestling President Bertrand Hebert. Feuded with former partner Dream Killer. That culminated at ChallengeMania 9 when Frank Blues and Phil Belanger emerged from retirement to team with Iceman & Killer, respectively. Wants a shot at Quebec Champion Piranah. Injuries might force this star to step aside for younger, hungrier wrestlers.

380. Piranah (6'3", 256, 4, 340)
Reformed Access Denied with Jackal after a bitter feud. Northern Championship Wrestling President Bertrand Hebert prevented Piranah from competing for the Quebec Title until ChallengeMania 9. Beat Guy Williams and Franky The Mobster in a three-way match for the belt. Expected to headline NCW throughout 2002. Also competed in Toronto's Apocalypse Wrestling Federation.

436. Guy Williams (5' 10", 210, 8, 492)
Doctors ordered him to quit wrestling because of his bad shoulder, an injury he has cored with for years. Defeated Franky The Mobster for the Quebec Title in what should have been his last match. It was the only belt in Northern Championship Wrestling that had eluded him. His surprise success infuriated President Bertrand Hebert. Lost the Quebec strap to Piranah in a three-way match also involving Franky The Mobster at ChallengeMania 9. Helped carry the promotion in a time of need.

454. Nova Cain (6'2", 265, 2, NL)
Disbanded The Juggalos and split from Rush to embark a singles career. Defeating TNT in the main event of Northern Championship Wrestling's "Collision Course" was a huge boost. Remained undefeated for seven months, thanks to his Nova Driver. NCW banned that maneuver, so he invented the Cain Factor, a sitdown TKO. Beat Nighstalker for the NCW TV Title on February 24. Lost the belt to Jayzon Reaper at ChallengeMania IX. Also competes in Paul Leduc's Federation Lutte Quebecoise and several other Canadian promotions.


237. Pierre-Carl Ouellet (6'1", 235, 15, 223)
The former three-time WWF World Tag Team Champ entered Northern Championship Wrestling after recovering from a knee injury. Spent most of 1999 in Memphis as Kris Cannonball. Joined Piranah's war against The Booker's Mafia of Bertrand Hebert. Battled old Memphis nemesis Glen Kulka in the main event of ChallengeMania 8.

304. Iceman (6', 190, 6, 290)
Shocked fans by joining his brother, NCW promoter Bertrand Hebert in The Booker's Mafia. Ditched partner Black Eagle at the same time. Captured the Quebec Tag Team Title with former foe Dream Killer. The turn revitalized his career. Defending The Booker's Mafia against Quebec Champion Piranah & Carl Ouellet.

340. Piranah (6' 3", 256, 3, 475)
Won the NCW Quebec Title for the third time this year. Split with partner Jackall of Access Denied to becore Northern Championship Wrestling's most popular star. Chosen by Carl Ouellet to be his partner. Battling The Booker's Mafia. Featured on the CBC's National news magazine. Competed in Toronto's Apocalypse Wrestling Federation for a second year.

357. Golem The Giant (6' 8", 333, 6, 350)
Surprised fans by joining forces with the popular Piranah. Later, his betrayal of Piranah was the final step toward the formation of The Booker's Mafia, led by promoter Bertrand Hebert. Won his second and third Quebec Title this year. Made life miserable for Piranah as leader of the Mafia. Lost the Quebec Title to Piranah at ChallengeMania 8. Announced his retirement from Northern Championship Wrestling immediately after. Received a standing ovation despite his lack of popularity.

387. Dream Killer (6'1" 326, 8, 386)
Returned to his bad guy roots by joining Bertrand Hebert in The Booker's Mafia. Has the dubious distinction of havind the two shortest Quebec Tag Team Title reigns in Northern Championship Wrestling history: his reign with Black Bear was over within minutes. They lost the belts back to Deadly Venumm the same night they won them. NCW's Original Monster.

392. Glen Kulka (6'5", 275, 3, NL)
The former CFL Football star spent most of the year in Memphis under a WWF developmental contract. After being released, seized the opportunity to destroy old Memphis foe Carl Ouellet for NCW promoter Bertrand Hebert. His main-event match against Ouellet at ChallengeMania 8 drew an impressive crowd.

454. Franky The Mobster (6' 1", 188, 4, NL)
The NCW Inter-City Champion returned from probation imposed by management to become a leader in the war against The Booker's Mafia of Bertrand Hebert. Battled Sweet Boy and Eric Shelley during last year-long pursuit of the Inter-City Title. So popular with ladies that he might surpass Piranah as Northern Championship Wrestling's favorite star. Made an appearance with Toronto's Apocalypse Wrestling Federation.

477. Jackal (5'11", 193, 3, 493)
Found success as NCW Inter-City Champ after Access Denied partner Piranah turned fan favorite. Formed DeadLine with Nightmare. They reigned as Quebec Tag Team title holders for most of the year until losing to Shockwave at ChallengeMania 8. Managed by Floyd Broffman. The young star has the most devious mind in Northern Championship Wrestling. Also competed in Toronto's Apocalypse Wrestling Federation.

492. Guy Williams (5' 10", 210, 7, NL)
Became a fan favorite in Northern Championship Wrestling again this year, forming the popular team with Cobra. Hogged the spotlight whenever NCW was featured on news segments. A veteran trying to recapture the glory of his past years. Ladies jump to their feet during his postmatch striptease.


290. Iceman (6', 201, 5, 332)
This was easly the most difficult year of his career. Saw friend Marc The Grizzly turn against him and steal the Quebec title. Lost the rematch, then formed Wild Thing with young Black Eagle when ex-partner Frank Blues retired in 1998. Together, they have captured the Quebec Tag Championship three times. He & Black Eagle battled Access Denied all over Northern Championship Wrestling and even traded the title during appearances in the AWF.

350. Golem The Giant (6' 8", 333, 5, 367)
Lost the Northern Championship Wrestling Inter-City Title to Yvan the Imitator early this year. Regained it a week later. Naja Viper sent him after Phil Belanger when Belanger turned against them and chose Frank Blues as his new manager. Golem dominated that feud and will likely emerge as a contender to the Quebec Title, a championship he held in 1996.

367. Marc The Grizzly (6', 306, 4, 404)
This was the Year of the Grizzly in Northern Championship Wrestling, as Marc The Grizzly won the Quebec Title three times and signed with manager Floyd Broffman. Turned against friends Iceman & Black Eagle, leaving them in pools of blood. Considered a traitor by the fans. Traded the Quebec Title with Dream Killer after refusing to grant Iceman more than one rematch. Captured his third Championship at NCW's ChallengeMania card in June.

386. Dream Killer (6'1", 326, 7, NL)
Holds record as the longest-reining Northern Championship Wrestling Championship Wrestling Quebec Champ of all-time. Came back stronger than ever after taking time off to nurse a bad back. Won the Quebec Title from Marc "The Grizzly" two more times. Considered NCW's hardcore specialist. Lost the title back to Grizzly in a Scientific match in which breaking rules was absolutely not allowed. Fell out off favor with fans.

429. Yvan the Imitator (5' 11", 325, 5, NL)
Found success under manager Ben The King after leaving The Cult behind. Became the first man to hold the Northern Championship Wrestling Inter-City & TV Titles as the same time. Gave the TV Championship to Ben as a thank-you jpgt. Irritated Golem The Giant and Franky The Mobster by imitating them. Does top-notch impersonations of Goldust & Gangrel as well.

474. Steven "The Sweet Boy" (5'11", 182, 3, NL)
The Northern Championship Wrestling TV Champion. Became a major player after he signed with manager Ben The King. Left his good guy image behind. Dominated his feud with new crowd favorite Maxx Fury. Planning to move into the Inter-City title division next year. Call himself "The Sexual Dinamo"

475. Piranah (6'3", 256, 2, NL)
He & Jackal comprise Access Denied. The powerhouse of the team. Under tutelage of veteran manager Floyd Broffman, they won the Quebec Tag Team Title three times. Considered a future Northern Championship Wrestling star. Jackal and Broffman are reluctant to let Piranah forge a singles career. Very popular despite his dirty tactics. Also competes in Ontario's AWF.

494. Jackal (5' 11", 177, 2, NL)
Along with Piranah, a member of Access Denied. Considered the brain of the team. Manager Floyd Broffman played an instrumental role, mentally and physically, in Access Denied winning the Quebec Tag Team Title three times. Discouraging Piranah from entering singles competition. Claims to the best in Northern Championship. Also competes in Ontario's AWF.


332. Iceman (6', 201, 4, 307)
Won the Northern Championship Wrestling Quebec championship for a third time at ChallengeMania 6 in June in Joliette, Quebec. Still the most popular wrestler in NCW. Deeply affected by the adsence of now-retired mentor Frank Blues. Has also competed in Ontario.

367. Golem The Giant (6'8", 310, 3, 333)
A difficult year for the Northern Championship Wrestling giant but, with partner Guy Williams, he did win the Quebec Tag Team championship twice. Now wants to use the Inter-City Championship as steppingstone to regain the Quebec title he held in 1996. Managed by Naja Viper. Everyone's Viper's stable seemed to be off his game this year, as leader Phil Belanger was sidelined with an injury.

402. Marc The Grizzly (6', 308, 3, 432)
Once fan favorite among kids, some have been turned off by his strange behavior as of late. Based in Northern Championship Wrestling, but makes occasional jaunts elsewhere. Defeated Steve Rush at NCW's ChallengeMania VI card. An intructor at the NCW's wrestling school.

419. Franky The Mobster (6', 179, 1, NL)
Holds the Quebec Tag Team title with Raiden. They are known as The Cosa Nostra. Both received Northern Championship Wrestling Rookie of the Year Awards. Manager Ben The King is the brains behind this brash young tandem. Held the NCW TV title this year. Very popular despite his tendency to cheat.

445. Black Eagle (5'11", 174, 1, NL)
Northern Championship Wrestling TV Champion is an up=coming high-flyer. Has become very popular during the past year. Scored upset victories over Golem The Giant and Guy Williams. Would have won the NCW Rookie of the Year Award if The Cosa Nostra didn't have such a hot year.

475. Raiden (5'11", 222, 1, NL)
He & Franky the Mobster surprised everyone in Northern Championship Wrestling by winning the Quebec Tag Team Championship three times this year. They are known as The Cosa Nostra. Like Franky, he held the NCW TV Title this year. Popular throughout the province.


307. Iceman (6', 188, 3, 298)
This Northern Championship Wrestling sensation hit it big this year by becoming Quebec Champion. Did well in a series of matches with former partner and trainer Frank Blues and has remained friends with him. Also wrestled in other promotions in Quebec and Ontario.

338. Golem The Giant (6' 8", 298, 2, 350)
Though he lost the Northern Championship Wrestling title in December 1996, was voted Wrestler of the Year by NCW fans. Managed by Naja Viper. Feuded with former "Viper Nest" partner Dream Killer all year. May team with his good friend, The Rebel, who was out most of the year with a shoulder injury.

429. Syl The Sadist (6'1", 236, 7, 410)
Formerly known as Syl Dancer. Hand was broken by The Sweet Boys in November. Almost forced to retire. This act of violence transformed him into Syl the Sadist. Became leader of The Cult, which includes his valet, Mercedez, Yvan P. St-Denis, El Diablero & The Super Headhunters. Won the NCW Tag Team title with his number one disciple, Yvan P. St-Denis at ChallengeMania 5. Fittingly, they defeated their archenemies, The Sweet Boys.

432. Marc The Grizzly (6', 302, 2, NL)
Finaly came out into his own this year by twice winning the Inter-City title in Northern Championship Wrestling. Very popular with women and children because he gives his trademark teddy bears before his matches. Is NCW born and bred, but has competed in many promotions throughout Quebec & Ontario.

460. Yvan P. St-Denis (5'11", 297, 2, NL)
Regular Northern Championship Wrestling competitor. Since being fired by manager Floyd Broffman and joining The Cult, he has shown signs of mental instability. Formely known as Yvan the Terrible, he often assumes the identities of other wreslters. He has been Yvandust, Ice The Terrible, Yvan Michaels, and Hollywood the Terrible. Teams with Syl the Sadist, leader of The Cult. St-Denis and Syl defeated The Sweet Boys at ChallengeMania V for the NCW Tag Team Titles.


287. Dream Killer (6'1", 280, 5, 302)
Being traded from manger Floyd Broffman to the stable of Miss Naja Viper seems to have affected him in a bad way. Many believe he has lost the killer instinct that made him the longest reigning NCW Quebec Champion of all-time. Was an NCW tag team champion this year with Phil Belanger, but they lost the belts to Wild Thing.

298. Iceman (6', 180, 2, 312)
This NCW sensation has quickly become one of NCW's most popular wrestlers. Many feels he'll be the next great wrestler to come out of Quebec. Currently a co-holder of the NCW tag team title with mentor Frank Blues.

308. Frank Blues (6', 170, 10, 336)
Currently co-holds the NCW tag team championship with Iceman. Together, they're known as Wild Thing. Head Injuries slowed him down last year, but he has made a nice recovery. One of the most popular men in NCW.

318. Phil Belanger (6', 180, 10, 343)
Still the most hated and experienced man in NCW. Has been both NCW Quebec Champ and Tag Team Champ with Dream Killer in the last year. He & Dream Killer lost a hair=cut match to Iceman & Frank Blues at NCW's ChallengeMania IV card. Always has the beautiful Naja in his corner.

344. Black Bear (6'1", 302, 6, 385)
Former NCW Quebec Heavyweight Champion. Relinquished the title after other personnal commintments forced him to leave the NCW. Respected by almost everyone in the NCW. One of three wrestlers to have held all three original championships in that promotion.

350. Golem The Giant (6'8", 298, 2, NL)
NCW Rookie of the Year for 1995. Has improved a great deal in his second year. Guided by crafty women manager Naja Viper.Won the vacant NCW Quebec Championship in a Tournament Finals by beating The Chameleon. No NCW wrestler has been fined more often for hitting referees, ring announcers and promoters.

389. Chameleon (6' 171, 2, NL)
Former manager-turned-wrestler. Shocked everyone in NCW by renouncing his rulebreaking ways after being traded by manager Naja Viper to Floyd Broffman's stable. Three-time former NCW Tag Team Champion. In his third reign as Inter-City Champion.

410. Syl Dancer (6' 1", 236, 6, NL)
Captured NCW Tag Team title twice in 1996. Former Inter-City Champ. Won and lost the Inter-City title in Triangle Matches with The Rebel & Chameleon. A smart wrestler capable of using many different moves to put away opponents.

447. Alexander The Magnificient(6' 1", 222, 2, NL)
A young, brash wrestler who is making a name for himself in NCW. Was actually using controversial Goldust-like tactics before Goldust existed. Held NCW Tag Team title with The Ninja. Is challenging Golem for the NCW Quebec Championship.


302- Dream Killer (6'1", 280, 4, NL)
The most dangerous and sadistic man in the Northern Championship Wrestling. As Quebec Heavyweight Champion, he went undefeated for more than 18 months before losing to Frank Blues. A former NCW tag team champion with Black Bear

312- Iceman (6', 180, 1, NL)
This sensational newcomer was Northern Championshp Wrestling's Rookie of the Year in 1994. An excellent aerial artist who can also brawl with the best of them in NCW. A former tag team champion with Frank Blues. Current NCW Inter-City Champ.

336- Frank Blues (6', 170, 7, NL)
This ultrascientific wrestler is the most popular wrestler in Northern Championship Wrestling. A former Inter-City champion and tag team champion. Current NCW Quebec Heavyweight Champion.

343- Phil Belanger (6', 180, 8, NL)
The most hated and experienced wrestler in Northern Championship Wrestling. He has been a tag team champion and Intercity champion. If he doesn't lose his temper, he can outwrestle anyone in NCW. Sneaky manager Naja Viper always gives him an advantage.

385- Black Bear (6'1", 302, 6, NL)
This very popular wrestler might be Northern Championship Wrestling's most complete athlete: He can brawl, wrestle, and outmuscle most anyone. Former Inter-City and tag team champion. Recently became a fan favorite.

La NCW est également la seule fédération reconnue par Wrestle America/Pro Wrestling Illustrated qui à chaque année, fait une liste de plus de toutes les fédérations majeures à travers le monde entier.









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